LEGO Universe: What’s it all about?

You may also become the kind of LEGO Universe character who lives to faceoff with other players! Strive for supremacy alongside of your friends in intense team competitions, or fly solo against opponents from around the globe in fast-paced games of skill!

In addition to battle and player vs. player action, LEGO Universe will give you the chance to smash special glowing models scattered throughout the gameworld. The light coming from a smashable model lets you know it’ll drop loot with a smack!

Or maybe you’ll find hunting for piles of hidden treasure is how you have the most fun in LEGO Universe!

No matter whether you like battling, collecting loot or competing with your friends, you could light up a huge range of leaderboards and become a LEGO Universe legend! Choose your own adventures to experience LEGO like never before!

All this great gameplay will be yours when you become your custom LEGO Universe minifigure– and there’s much more to come!

Stay tuned to the LEGO Universe News Network for the next installment in this special gameplay series! It’ll feature loads more details on the ways you can play in the upcoming MassivelyMultiplayer Online Game (MMOG) for LEGO fans!